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Swimming Coaching for Swimmers and Triathletes

Effective swimming coaching from £70 per person.
Experienced Coaching , endless swimming pool.
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CETO Swim Training Group Ceto, 44 Wearfield, SR5 2TA, Sunderland United Kingdom
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Swimming classes are held in small groups

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Health, Safety, and LearningThrough Having Fun

The CETO Swim Training Group conducts classes for both children and adults in the field of swimming, diving as well as aqua aerobics. Perfectly trained staff in a calm and pleasant atmosphere will make each participant of the course overcome the fear of water and learn various swimming techniques so that they can choose their favorite one.

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CETO Swim Training Group
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We are an open and friendly swimming school. Each of our little floats is special and unique to us. We know each of our students not only by name, but most of all we listen to them and try to get to know them well. We teach swimming, but also try to pass on moral principles and values.

  • Modern methods
  • 15 years on the market
  • Payment in installments
  • Personal development
  • Modern equipment
  • Introductory lesson
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We Focus on Development

We constantly strive to develop and change for the better. Not only our ideas count, but also the satisfaction of our students learning to swim. We greatly appreciate all your feedback.

We organize new types of pool activities. We train by participating in various courses and learning about new trends in swimming lessons. We update our website on regular basis to include more valuable information, e.g. we systematically publish articles on our blog to help parents.

Experienced staff

We all have one thing in common: a passion for sport and unique approach.

Modern methods

We work with pure passion for sport and the desire to promote an active lifestyle.

Personal Development

We participate in various courses and learn about new trends in swimming teaching.

We Rock.

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Whether you want to introduce your infant to the water or are an adult looking to
learn to swim, we offer a variety of swimming classes for all skill levels.

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Our Philosophy

Passionate Character Building in One Stroke at a Time

Every square inch of our unique facility is designed to improve learning, fun and safety for every child and parent who joins the CETO Swim Training Group family.

You feel it the moment you walk in. Something else. It's more than just vivid colors that inspire kids. More than a curriculum designed not only to teach children to swim, but also to build their character through guided play. More than a thrill-free swimming pool. There is more. Something unexpected. Something that drives CETO Swim Training Group beyond the usual.

Swim Instructor

Cosmin Petcu


Hello, I'm Constantin Cosmin Petcu, but you can call me Cosmin. With a Sports Science background and over 28 years of experience in swimming, coaching, and teaching, I'm dedicated to helping individuals of all levels reach their swimming potential at Ceto Swim Training Group. Through tailored guidance and cutting-edge technology, we aim to empower swimmers to excel and enjoy the water, offering personalised coaching and support to help you achieve your swimming goals.


  • Graduated swimming college
  • 2nd level swimming coach
  • Master in rehabilitation and wellness
  • Windsurfing and kitesurfing instructor
  • Aquababy instructor
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The latest news about what is happening in our pool.
Advice for parents and our swimmers.

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