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About Us

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Together, Power, Grace, and Excellence form the foundation of our coaching philosophy.

They guide us in our mission to help swimmers of all ages and abilities reach new heights in the water and achieve success both in and out of the pool. Welcome to Ceto Swim Training Group, your gateway to unlocking the full potential of swimmers, from beginners to elite triathletes, in the heart of the North East of England. Named after the Greek sea goddess Ceto, our ethos embodies the power, grace, and depth of the water, igniting excellence in the world of swimming. Our Services cover Swimming Training, Swimming Video analysis, Swimming Teacher courses etc. Dive into the future of swimming and take your skills to new depths with the power of video analysis.

Why you should trust us?

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What Makes CETO Swim Training Group Stand Out From the crowd

At Ceto Swim Training Group, our mission is clear: to empower every swimmer on their journey, regardless of their level. We’re driven by the belief that every stroke holds significance, every lap counts, and every swimmer can surpass their own expectations.

Our Approach

Our approach goes beyond the conventional. We’re not just about physical prowess; we’re about mental tenacity, personal growth, and building a community of passionate swimmers. We understand that true progress comes from feeling supported, being challenged, and discovering untapped potential.

Expert Coaching

Our coaches are the heart of Ceto Swim Training Group. With years of experience, they’re dedicated to honing techniques, perfecting form, and guiding swimmers to reach new heights. Whether you’re a novice or an elite triathlete, our coaches offer personalized guidance to ensure growth in every stroke.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Nestled in the North East of England, our top-tier facilities are tailored for excellence. Dive into our endless swimming pool, designed to mimic real swimming conditions, perfect for triathletes seeking optimal performance. Enhance your strength, endurance, and technique using The Vasa Swim Ergometer with PM3 Power Meter—a tool designed to elevate your swimming prowess.

Triathlete-Centric Training

Triathletes find their home at Ceto Swim Training Group. We understand the unique demands of triathlon swimming and tailor our training to match. With our expert coaches and specialized facilities, we’re here to ensure you conquer every discipline with confidence.

Swim Video Analysis

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our swim video analysis. By capturing every nuance of your technique, our video analysis offers unparalleled insights, enabling you to refine your strokes, streamline your form, and gain a competitive edge.

STA Swimming

As part of our dedication to comprehensive swim training, we proudly offer STA swimming courses. These courses provide a structured pathway for swimmers of all levels, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of water safety, stroke techniques, and more. Our partnership with the Swimming Teachers’ Association reflects our commitment to high-quality swim education.

Community and Support

Joining Ceto Swim Training Group means joining a tribe of like-minded swimmers in the North East of England. We celebrate victories together, support each other through challenges, and foster an environment where progress is a shared goal.

Our Promise

We promise to be there through every stroke, every challenge, and every triumph. With unwavering dedication, we aim to catalyze your passion for swimming into a journey of growth, achievement, and empowerment.

Why Choose Us?

  • 🌊 Expertise: Our team of expert coaches brings extensive knowledge and dedication to every session.
  • 📹 Video Analysis: Benefit from in-depth video analysis that captures the nuances of your technique, enabling precise improvements.
  • 🏊‍♂️ Tailored Approach: Every swimmer is unique. Our services are customized to your level, goals, and challenges.
  • 💪 Proven Results: Many swimmers have transformed their skills and achieved their goals under our guidance.
  • 🌟 Supportive Community: Join a community that celebrates progress and supports each other’s swimming journey.

Whether you’re a beginner, a triathlete seeking to dominate the swim leg, or an open water enthusiast, Ceto Swim Training Group is your partner in achieving swimming excellence. Embrace our services and experience the joy of progress, the thrill of improvement, and the pride of swimming success.

Join Us

Whether you’re a triathlete aiming to excel in the swim leg or an individual seeking to master the art of swimming, Ceto Swim Training Group welcomes you. Immerse yourself in our world and experience the joy of progress, the thrill of improvement, and the pride of achieving beyond your imagination. Come celebrate with us at the Ceto Swim Training Group’s Open Day! Experience firsthand the passion and expertise that drives our swimming community. Join in on exciting activities, meet our coaches, explore our facilities, and learn about our diverse range of services. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced swimmer, or a parent interested in children’s lessons, this is an opportunity to discover how Ceto Swim Training Group can elevate your swimming journey.